What does PhysX do?

PhysX is an API designed to provide a fast, GPU-accelerated way of modeling natural object dynamics in 3D environments. Why would you want your game to use legacy technologies like PhysX when it can cost more money and take longer on less capable cards?

As it turns out the highly parallel structures used by GPUs are very efficient at processing complex physical simulations such as Batman’s cape or Geralt’s hair from The Witcher III: Wild Hunt! One great example was Mirror’s Edge which had some amazing cloth physics effects for its time employing this technology

Types of GPU

It’s not just about the horsepower; it takes a certain type of GPU to take advantage of PhysX. Fortunately, though there are various versions for all graphics cards and they’re equal in terms on performance (though some may have better cooling).

you need something that’s at least Nvidia GeForce GTX 980-level hardware if your intention is going full bore into first-class territory with cool hair or slick threads – even virtual worlds require good ventilation! PhysX is not as popular and has a more difficult implementation than other APIs.

Second, Physx requires explicit support from software developers written into the code so it can be hit or miss depending on how well they are supported by their company’s programming team for this extra work required of them during the development process with Nvidia’s assistance sometimes needed as well if there isn’t another third party available who specializes in doing such things like some freelance contractors that specialize only provide those types services outsource everything else but may lack experience when dealing directly against these complexities.

Finally, even though Good practices do exist (especially concerning separating model data) many companies still rely heavily upon


With support present, a lack of optimization can produce large FPS drops or uneven performance. As such the library gaming that supports PhysX weighs in at around 40 surprisingly low given how long PhyX has been around; while there are some carefully selected blockbusters in this modest number it’s just not enough for serious gamers on steam backlog must-have list

  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch 
  • PC Gaming


The difference the PhysX API provides is dramatic. Smoke is richer, thicker, and more volumetric than ever before with realistic ripples in fabrics that ripple realistically when winds blow by or flame crackles from a fire’s heat source to produce glowing particles being blown around doing whatever it takes just for you to see them which makes this an upgrade worth having!

This new graphics technology also lets developers optimize their code while pushing API advantages further then we had thought possible until demos came out showing some amazing things like seeing dimensional changes right away without even stopping frame (or playing back footage digitally.


PhysX is a great addition for gamers with Nvidia graphics cards. It will give them the ability to engage in more advanced physics and improve their gaming experience, while also providing an extra boost of speed when playing games such as Rise Of The Tomb Raider or GTA5 if you have PhysX-enabled video settings enabled on your system which has been shown by many testings at 1080p 60 FPS without losing any detail from textures up close.

But considering how developers seem less interested these days due to newer technologies like Ray Tracing coming out soon instead? If it’s not happening this year then maybe sometime next decade..

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