What’s the difference between a 6-pin, 8-pin, and 12-pin GPU Cable

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Is your computer missing the latest graphics technology? Use G-Power to power up with all three connectors, so you can connect just about any device that takes power. Our newly developed Mini 12-pin connector will also work for NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 Series!

What is a PCIe x16 connector?

The PCI Express x16 connector on your graphics card is the primary high-speed data transfer point between them and a motherboard. However, it also has pins that can provide up to 75 watts of power for certain entry level cards or greater performance needs. This means you’ll need separate pin connectors if want more juice from these connections!

What is a 6-pin GPU Cable?

6-pin power connectors are typically found in low and mid range graphics cards. This is because they can pull 75 watts of AC power directly from an external source, bypassing the need for a motherboard at all! The 6 pin connector has 4 inch pitch (meaning that there’s room enough on it), but don’t worry – even when pushing 150W through this secondary socket; your video card won’t get hot due to wide spacing between pins which provides adequate airflow around them so no singe point heats up excessively fast while playing games or working madly complex programs

What is an 8-pin GPU Cable?

The power connector on a graphics card is what delivers the juice needed for running all of your computer’s components. 8-pin connectors have 4.2 mm pitch and can deliver up to 150 watts, twice as much that 6 pin has been rated at! However, if you plug one into another without taking any precautions (such as using extension cables like we provide) then things could get hazardous pretty quickly: While this may seem like an inconvenience when only borrowing someone else’s equipment; be aware that it isn’t safe even at home with certified safety gear already in place– risking fire hazard not just from overheating but also electrical sparks caused by trying unsuccessfully

What is a 12-pin GPU Cable?

The 12-pin power connector is the latest development in NVIDIA components. The 3mm pitch means it can carry up to 500 watts, while our premium 16AWG wire will handle 600 total W with ease! This new design simplifies things by having one row for each type of connection – these are ground and +12V respectively (although there’s also an additional signal). There’s less metal on this part than before so they’re easier to install when you need more space or just want maximum efficiency After a year of research and development, we have finally created our 12-pin power connector. With its 3mm pitch it can carry up to 500 watts while taking up less space than an 8 pin cable which only offers 200watt limit per channel at best!


The best way to power your PCIe components is with a quality motherboard and PSU. For smaller cards, the slot will be able provide all they need; but for stronger graphics card or gaming devices that require more juice than what’s available at one point in time (or space), you’ll want extra cables like 6 pin + 8 pin combination depending on how much energy outputting capability you have from each device plugged into it! If your graphics card requires more than what a single 6 pin PCIe power supply can provide, you’ll need to use 3 x 8-pin ones. For weaker cards like network adapters and SATA drives it should be enough on its own but strong GPUs such as the RTX 3080 needs additional cables for optimal performance – so make sure not neglect these components!

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